Sunday, December 09, 2007

December Address

I couldn't be bothered with google maps pointers so I just drew an arrow.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My suitcase

I knew I was a little too relaxed packing this time.

Things I brought:
2 sets of nail clippers (accident)
1/2 kilo of museli bars (vital)
twice as many sox as underwear (pointless)
car keys (forgot to give them to Wendy so she can drive my car)
a hat (it is cool and overcast most of the time)

Things I forgot to bring:
cable to connect camera to laptop (therefore I can't upload any photos until I return)
big tripod (damm there is some good night scenes here!)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

McDonalds Menu

Chicken Maharaja Mac Burger. Dont know much but I'm staying away from it. See McChicken burger.
Chicken McGrill Burger. Horrific. It contains not chicken meat as we get but a pattie that one assumes contains some chicken plus other unknown ingredients. Did I say it tastes horrible? Quite a trap for the first time McDonalds buyer.
Paneer Salsa Wrap. Not very nice. Paneer (fried cottage cheese I think) can be quite nice in some authentic dishes but in this wrap: not.
Mexican Chicken Wrap. OK. Strange sauce that is not mexican in the slightest but at least you get real chicken.
Veggie Burger. Fantastic. An excellent tonic for the stomach when you haven't been feeling well.
McAloo Burger. Cost rs20!! (A$0.50) Not bad at all. Unknown pattie that I assume contains potato.
Filet o fish. Standard. Very good.

The cramps

I'm getting expert now at managing the little bouts of sickness that inevitably comes with travelling in this country especially. Last night I went home not feeling too hungry. As I went to walk out to a restaurant it was raining heavily so I turned and went home. I ate a few biscuits but never felt hungry! Should have seen it as a warning sign. During the night I had stomach cramps but without the diarreah (cant be bothered looking up how to spell that). Not hungry for breakfast, I'm only just recovering my appetite despite not eating for about 22 hours. Other than that I feel fine however. Go figure.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thank You Jesus

Such was splashed right across the back windscreen in giant letters of the car that was driving like a lunatic. He must just press the accelerator and pray.

What the?

From the supermarket shelf label, I chose to buy a "Swiss Fruit Cake". On the package label apparently I bought a "Switz Party Keyk". Atrocious. The spelling I mean. Was very nice. Its ingredients start with:
Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Egg, Oil, Tutti Fruity, .....

ps - I just entered the last ingredient into Google and was surprised to see it exists!

Back in Bang. The good the bad and the ugly.

So I've returned for two weeks. This time its in on sunday night and out on the friday night. This time I am no longer in Kadabisanhalli but in Indirinagar. This area is much closer to the city, a maze of streets of residential housing. I'm on 19th Main street near 2nd Cross street. Very simple.

The bad news is my apartment sux (except the bed which wouldnt be out of place in a 4 star hotel). I have a kitchen which sports a sink and a fridge. NOTHING ELSE. I have to share the apartment with someone else!! (You lock your bedroom door). The shower is in the middle of the bathroom, pointing at the door. After having a shower, any attempt to get to the sink or toilet means wet feet. I am right near two of the busiest roads in Bangalore, airport road and 100ft road so the traffic noise is high. The supervisors speak practically no english.

The good news is that 100ft road is the best shopping and restaurant strip outside of the city centre! I have food! First stop TGI fridays.

100ft refers to the supposed width of the road. Parallel to it is 80ft rd. Not a good naming scheme when you start making roads of equal widths.